Scrubber driers


The ideal choice for polished and hygienically clean floors.

Kärcher scrubber driers are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining and polishing hard floors. Guaranteeing a brilliant performance, our range of scrubber driers take care of all types of cleaning jobs in an especially economic and time-saving manner.
Karcher Single Disc Scrubber Drier

Single-disc machines

Perfect for cleaning almost any hard floor: Kärcher offers the right single disc machine whether you want a scrubber, polisher or deep cleaner. We provide machines for all special and all-purpose applications.
Karcher Scrubber Drier Walk-Behind

Scrubber driers walk-behind

Clean small surfaces quickly: These scrubber driers ensure your floors are perfectly clean between customer visits. Even if you are cleaning floors as small as 100 m² they are more efficient than wet mopping.
Karcher Scrubber Drier Compact

Scrubber driers compact

Easy to move and simple to use: these scrubber dryers are ideal for use on medium and large hard surfaces: for brilliant results.
Karcher Scrubber Drier Ride On

Scrubber driers ride-on

Suitable for floors larger than 1,500 m²: Kärcher ride-on scrubber driers are the convenient alternative to large walk-behind machines. Especially manoeuvrable due to its narrow width!