Outdoor cleaning

Outdoor Cleaning

Perfect cleaners for outdoors.

A good overall impression is important. This applies especially to the outdoor areas of companies, which are like the business card and reflect production standards. In addition there is the actual necessity of reducing dirt tracked in before entrances are reached. And keeping loading areas and driving paths clear of leaves and street dirt as well as pallet breakage and coarse dirt, both wet and dry.

Sweeping outside

A lot of area in a short period of time

The time-saving and economic cleaning of large areas outdoors requires high-power sweepers with low consumption, high manoeuvrability, high collection capacity and versatile accessories.
Karcher Sweeper

Hard on dirt. Easy to use

Underground car parks, transport paths, tunnels and ramps are sites for the extremely robust Kärcher scrubber driers and sweepers with impressive climbing capacity. They clean uphill and downhill.
Karcher Sweeper

Persistence in action – into every corner

Fully hydraulic Kärcher ride-on sweepers are well equipped and they can access every corner. They have the right type of drive for every use: diesel, gas or batteries.
Karcher City Sweeper

Sweeping for a good image

Sweeping one’s own grounds gives the right first impression. Kärcher sweepers come in all shapes and sizes to ensure the right machine for each site.

Our products for outdoor cleaning

Vacuum cleaners
Scrubber / scrubber-driers and
single disc machines

High-pressure cleaners