Dry Cleaning

Karcher Industry

Certified system for dry cleaning.

Production systems for dry products require above all dry cleaning processes for floors and walls, containers and installations. Dusts are not only a hygienic or health problem, but they can also be explosive. Investments in highquality cleaning units are above all investments in maintaining value, safety and efficiency.

Karcher Vacuuming

Quick vacuuming

In filling areas or during the handling of goods there are always messes caused by spilled goods that need to be cleaned up immediately. Kärcher industrial vacuums are perfect for this due to their practical vacuuming capacities.
Ice Blaster

An ice-cold professional that cleans gently

The Ice Blaster cleans filling and mixing systems, production lines and handling systems as well as tanks and ovens from stubborn residues such as grease, starches, crustifications or coking. With no chemistry or water.
Karcher cleaning ovens

Cleaning in the hot phase

Ovens must be vacuumed out regularly. With special Kärcher accessories made of heat-resistant materials, from the suction nozzle to the filter fleece, the oven does not even need to cool down first.
Karcher vacuuming

Vacuuming - according to your needs

With the right equipment every cleaning task can be quickly and flawlessly solved. For this purpose the Kärcher System provides numerous accessories such as suction nozzles, hoses and filter inserts – for every individual need.

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