Sweepers and vacuum sweepers


A large innovative range all with high performance and rugged reliability.

From push sweepers to industrial and city cleaners: Kärcher provides machines for state-of-the-art sweeping. Our range includes machines that can sweep effectively and economically indoors and outdoors.
Karcher Push Sweepers

Push sweepers compact

For courtyards, paths, halls, workshops and storage areas: Kärcher push sweepers clean up to 7 times faster than a broom, are easy to handle, ergonomically designed and sweep thoroughly with little dust – even in corners.
Karcher Vacuum Sweepers Walk Behind

Vacuum sweepers walk-behind

Vacuum sweepers with traction drive and dust vacuuming save time and energy. Ideal for janitors, mechanics, building cleaners and industry that are sweeping floors at least 300 m².
Karcher Vacuum Sweeper Ride On

Vacuum sweepers ride-on

Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large surfaces: The diverse variants of Kärcher ride-on vacuum sweepers allow them to meet every demand.