Wellness areas

Wellness Area

Pure relaxation

Relaxation and hygiene are the top priority in pool and sauna areas. Without any compromise. Kärcher cleaning systems for wellness areas are able to do exactly what is needed there: remove coarse and fine dirt, dissolve lime, and disinfect. As a result, these areas not only look clean, but are also hygienically impeccable.

Karcher Scrubber Drier Floor Cleaning

Fast touch-up mopping

The BR 30/4 C is your first choice for maintaining floor hygiene in sensitive areas such as barefoot areas. You can spray, brush and vacuum in a single operation or separately.
Karcher Surface Cleaner

Tops in surface cleaning

Surface cleaners such as the FR 30 ME deliver ten times more area cleaning performance – an indispensable economic advantage for everyone who needs to clean wellness areas with large floor surfaces.
Steam Cleaning

Environmentally friendly hygiene

The DE 4002 steam cleaner provides impeccable hygiene in saunas without using any cleaning agents. A plus for people
and the environment.
Karcher Water Dispenser

Best against thirst

Body fluid lost in perspiration needs to be replaced quickly, preferably with pure water. And preferably right on site. The Kärcher WPD 100 water dispenser provides a constant supply of cold or hot, plain or sparkling water of the purest quality.
Cleaning by the pool

A multitalent for floors

The BR 40/10 scrubber drier combines many features in a single unit: It scrubs like a single-disc machine, picks up cleaning solution like a wet vacuum, and polishes like a high-speed machine.
Hygienic cleaning

Dead zone for bacteria

The Kärcher Inno-Foam kit is a foam system for cleaning and disinfection with a high-pressure cleaner. The disinfecting foam has an especially long adhesion time, which enhances its effectiveness.

Our products for sauna, wellness and fitness area

Dry vacuums and electric brooms
are powerful, compact machines
with many practical features.
T 10/1 Advanced
Steam cleaners
Kärcher steam cleaner with two
tank system for continuous opera-
tion without a cool-down break.
Scrubbers, scrubber driers and
single-disc machines

Scrubber driers with stand-on
operation in discreet anthracite
draw attention only due to their
excellent performance.
BR 40/10 C
High pressure cleaners
Special high-pressure cleaners
with components approved for use with
foodstuffs deliver uncompromising hygiene.
HD 7/10 CXF
Push sweepers are time-savers
for cleaning relatively small
areas quickly and thoroughly,
and they are easy on your back.
Special products
 Spray Mop System Eco!