Forecourts and entrance areas

Inside Entrance Way

Welcome your guests with class and style.

All over the world the Kärcher name stands for power, quality and innovation, and for cleaning expertise that sets the standard. For the hospitality industry, the Kärcher system offers outstanding solutions for every need and requirement, with perfectly coordinated equipment, accessories and cleaning agents. They feature high performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness thanks to innovative technology, low consumption and long service life – and they are pleasantly inconspicuous. Visually restrained in classic anthracite, and acoustically discreet with exemplary low noise levels.
Karcher Scrubber Drier

Cost effective and technically brilliant

Scrubber driers make floors hygienically clean and give them a brilliant shine. With its high surface pressure, roller brush technology is advantageous for textured or jointed surfaces. Machines with proven disc technology are suitable for smooth surfaces.
Karcher Spray Extraction Machine

Just spray and vacuum for a clean carpet

Ideal for heavily soiled carpeting: spray-extraction cleaners loosen and remove dirt in a single operation. The spray-extraction function of the Puzzi series is ideal for heavy traffic areas which must be quickly restored to dry, accessible condition.
Karcher Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Top marks for low noise

With a noise level of only 59 dB(A), the T 15/1 is the quietest vacuum in its class. This makes it ideal for all noise-sensitive areas. It also protects users against noise exposure, which makes their work more comfortable and less stressful.
Karcher Polishing Machine

Torque conquers dirt

Kärcher polishing machines, such as the compact BDP 43/1500 C, generate high torque to produce an especially high-gloss surface. Vacuum extraction of the polishing dust makes the work pleasant and prevents airborne dust formation.
Karcher Cordless Electric Broom

Retire your broom and dustpan

The KM 35/5 C cordless sweeper is handy in the entrance area for cleaning up minor dirt at the source. It quickly and easily picks up loose dirt from hard surfaces and carpeting.

Our products for the forecourt, entrance and corridor area

Dry vacuums and electric brooms
are powerful, compact machines
with many practical features.
cleaners / Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners are designed to
clean carpeting and upholstery
quickly and thoroughly, even while
guests are using the area.
BRC 30/15 C
BRC 45/45 C
BRC 50/70 W Bp Pack
BRS 43/500 C
Scrubbers, scrubber driers and
single-disc machines

Scrubber driers with stand-on
operation in discreet anthracite
draw attention only due to their
excellent performance.
  BDP 43/410 C
BR 40/10 C
Push sweepers are time-savers
for cleaning relatively small areas
quickly and thoroughly, and they
are easy on your back.
Special products